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Hanoi city as known as the most beautiful old city with more than 1000 years history. Come to Hanoi, traveler will lost yourself with the old quarter street, with people and the lifestyle here. Especially Hanoi is of place that people used to know as a wonderland of cuisine.
You could spend your time for whole week or more just only to try Hanoi foods. Today we would like to bring you top 10 foods and drinks that you must try in Hanoi

1. Phở Bò (Beef noodle)

One of the most the famous food in Hanoi. Every traveler after put their first leg on Noi Bai airport, the first question they always ask is “Where to try Phở”
Pho bo
With the sweet soup from the cow bone, spring onion with fresh cooked beef and squeeze a piece of lemon on it. We can sure that this Pho will make you remember forever with the best taste of food in the world.
Here are some recommend addresses you can try nice Phở in Hanoi:
– Phở Bát Đàn / No. 49 Bát Đàn str.
– Phở Hàng Muối / No. 23 Hàng Muối str.
– Phở Lý Quốc Sư / No. 10 Lý Quốc Sư str. & No.42 Hàng Vôi str
Price: 40k – 50k / bowl

2. Phở Gà (Chicken Noodle)

Beside the popular of Phở Bò , traveler also should try the Phở Gà (Chicken noodle). Similar way to eat and cook with Phở Bò , this Phở also will bring you very nice and special taste from the chicken.
Pho Ga

Recommend Address:
Phở Hồng / No. 13B Hàng Hòm str.
Phở Gà Hàng Điếu / Located right beside the crossroad between Hàng Điếu str & Bát Đàn str.
Price: 35k – 45k / bowl

3. Bún Chả (BBQ Pork noodle soup)

This is the most attractive food in Hanoi , especially after Mr. President of America : Barack Obama did try this , it become more and more famous all around the world.
Bun Cha
People will have the BBQ Pork deep inside the special fish sauce (Main soup taste is sweet and a bit sour from garlic vinegar ) and eat together with some vegetables
Bun Cha (2)
Recommend Address:
Bún Chả Hướng Liên ( Bún Chả Obama) / No. 24 Lê Văn Hưu Str.
Bún Chả / No.1 Hàng Mành Str
Bún Chả Hàng Than / No. 34 Hàng Than Str.
Price: 35k – 45k/ person

4. Bánh Mì (Vietnamese Bread / Sandwich)

The most popular and convenience food that you can find at any corner of Hanoi. With the main taste is: Pate , egg , pork , hotdog and other foods , Bánh Mì
The Vietnamese breat is rice flour along with wheat flour .Typical fillings include steamed, pan-roasted or oven-roasted seasoned pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, grilled pork, grilled pork patties, spreadable pork liver (Pate), pork floss, head cheese, fried eggs. Accompanying vegetables typically include fresh cucumber slices, and pickled carrots and daikon in shredded form. Common condiments include spicy chili sauce, sliced chilis, mayonnaise, and cheese
Banh Mi
Price: 15k ~30k / bread

5. Bánh Cuốn ( Rice Noodle Roll)

The main ingredient is: Rice batter, ground pork, wood ear mushroom and shallots . Banh cuon made from a thin, wide sheet of steamed fermented rice batter filled. It also is the kind of food have to eat together with the special fish sauce (Main taste of fish sauce is sweet )

Recommend Address:
Bánh cuốn Bà Hoành / No. 66 Tô Hiến Thành str.
Bánh cuốn / No. 101 Bà Triệu str.
Bán cuốn Phủ Lý / No. 39 Đào Duy Từ str.
Price: 30 – 35k/ set

6. Xôi Yến ( Yến Sticky Rice / Sticky Rice)

Xôi made from the glutinous rice and some other add-on : black bean , bean , peanut , corn or cocunut. Here at Xôi Yến traveler can try various type of Xôi together with Chả , pork , egg , grilled pork patties and other food.
Xoi Yen
Xôi Yến / No. 35B Nguyễn Hữu Huân Str.
Price: 30k – 50 k / set

7. Chả Cá Lã Vọng (Fish Cake)

One of the most famous food in the old city that you should not miss. Come to this place traveler will have time to try of the special grill fish with every tasty ingredient
Cha CA

8. Hà Nội Coffee

Do not miss your chance to try one of the best milk coffees in the world. There are 2 type to drink : 1 drink with ice and another in hot way.
Recommend Address:
Cafe Giảng – Egg Coffee / No. 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân Str.
Cafe Năng / No. 32 Nguyễn Hữu Huân Str.
Cafe Lâm / No. 60 Nguyễn Hữu Huân Str.
Cộng Coffee / No. 35 Nguyễn Hữu Huân Str.
Price: 15k – 25k/ cup

9. Bia Hơi (Draft Beer)

One of the fresh beer in the world for everyone who would love to try the special Hanoi Beer in Hanoi.
Bia Hoi
Recommend Address:
– Đào Duy Từ Str.
– Tạ Hiện Str.
Price: 5k – 10k / cup

10. Trà Chanh (Ice Lemon Tea)

This one of the most favorite drink of teenage and young people in Hanoi city. If you are thirsty , this will be the best option for you.
Cha Tranh
Recommend Adress:
– Nhà Thờ str.
– Đào Duy Từ str.
– Tạ Hiện Str.
Price: 10k -15k / cup
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